Defeat is something we all have to deal, everyday in Ps.
Sometimes we lose cause we deserved it, sometimes because we are unlucky, sometimes because the opponent is just the best man.

But, how do WE deal with defeat?
Honestly, I rarely found a greater collection of sore losers than the Power Soccer players :P
WE have to be honest about it. I am a very overrated player, but I think I can consider myself a fair man. I dare anyone to state the opposite....but anyway, pratically in EVERY important match I win, my opponent starts with many excuses..."Lag was high"(lag is high for both players, mate!) "keyboard broken" "Dog Barking" "You cheat".
This is something I really can't understand.
When I lose a match I blame myself, and myself only: if I lose, it means that my opponent was better and I have to practice more.... and I think
this is very positive thing: it makes you try harder, it makes you work harder to pass your Ps and in everyday's life.

I'm sorry that many great, GREAT players behave differently. Like they just can't admit they can lose a match, once in a while...well this is cockyness. And cockyness is not getting you anywhere.
If there's something I can try to share with PS' youngest players, it would be this: be responsible for yourself, blame yourself for every defeat you'll, sadly, meet, and congratulate with your opponent when he beats you. Shake his hand, he was the
better man.
If there's lag....learn how to play with lag.
If he uses "bugs" or "cheap tricks"...learn a counter move to them.
If he cheats, plain and simple, then he's just a poor kid who doesn't deserve your attention....of course you'll know deep inside WHEN and IF your losses are caused by.....let's call it "unluck".
But always, ALWAYS, focus on your performances, on your faults and your errors.
Be humble. You'll get nothing without hard work. You'll get nothing without learning everyday from the people you face, trying to do your best...but be
prepared....sometimes youre best will not be enough, and you'll only have to clap your hands to the one who managed to beat you in a fair game
. It's life....



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